PT. Coppal Utama Indomelt

Foundry and metal casting molding company in Bandung , Indonesia.
Serving metal casting works since 1998.

Casting process diversity

Sand casting, lost foam casting, investment casting, centrifugal.. you name it – we’ll do it.

Industry standard for casting quality control

To ensure that every casting meets your specifications, our investment casting quality control engineers use the latest in testing and inspection equipment, and can quickly take corrective action when required.

What we do

Sand Casting

Sand molded casting is used to make large parts, tipically Iron, Bronze, Brass and Aluminum.

Investment Casting

Used to make smaller yet accurate  near-net-shaped metal parts.

Lost Foam Casting

Casting process that is similar to investment casting except foam is used for the pattern instead of wax.

Our Location

Jl. Mekar Raya Kav. 36 Kawasan Industri Mekar Mulya, Gedebage – Bandung 40613 INDONESIA
Phone. +62 22 – 7802207, Fax.+62 22 – 7813087

PT. Coppal Utama Indomelt

Jl. Mekar Raya Kav. 35 Kawasan Industri Mekar Mulya, Gedebage – Kota Bandung 40613 Telp. +62 22 – 7802207, Fax.+62 22 – 7813087

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